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Pioneer Project

One of our main goals is to support hospitals in acquiring safe and effective cancer treatment technologies. In this quest, we will be focusing on one facility at a time. Our Pioneer Project is FAP (Foundation for the Assistance of Paraiba or the Welfare Hospital of Paraiba) in Campino Grande, Paraiba, Brazil. This is the hospital my mother went to for treatment for her Non-Hogkin’s Lymphoma.

FAP is only one of two hospitals in the state located in northeast Brazil that offers cancer patients treatments. The other is in João Pessoa, where my mother had her original surgery. Of the two, FAP is the only public hospital serving those who cannot afford private doctors or treatments.

Although many of the private hospitals in the country are known as state of the art cancer treatment centers, the public hospitals, especially FAP, are not. This leaves thousands of lower income and indigent individuals suffering from a variety of cancers without a viable option to prolong their lives. Besides the inability to pay for higher end treatments, patients at FAP are also missing out on receiving the proper follow up testing that is often required between treatments. These Immunohistochemistry (IHC) tests are used to detect abnormal cells generally found in malignant tumors. Not having these tests or having to wait months to have the tests performed has led to an increase in the severity of some cancers and shortened life spans in many patients.

We are asking for your help. Our goal is to collect $1 million in donations so that we can purchase a linear accelerator and a CT scan for the hospital. Proceeds from your donations will go toward the purchase of a linear accelerator and a CT scan for the hospital. FAP is the only public hospital in the area serving the needs of 183 communities, including many poor residents who have no other medical options.

Can we count on your donation? It will go toward bringing up-to-date cancer treatment, first to our Pioneer Project (FAP Hospital in Campino Grande, Paraiba, Brazil), but then to other facilities worldwide. Help us in our fight for life.